Awen Publications is a small press with a mission to publish works of poetry, fiction, and literary non-fiction that match quality of writing with an engagement with the world. Our books are responsive to the challenges of our time, especially the strained relationship between human beings and the ecosystem we all inhabit. In this way we seek to contribute to what we call an ‘ecobardic’ movement in the arts – envisioned in An Ecobardic Manifesto.

‘Awen’ is a Welsh word meaning ‘inspiration’ or ‘flowing spirit’; the work Awen publishes has such inspiration at its heart. The time of transition in which we live, like all times of crisis, is an opportunity for change: change in how we do things and also how we perceive things. We believe in the need to bring spiritual and ecological values into contemporary writing, and that literature can help us understand that none of us need make this journey alone.

This is a collective blog, a platform for Awen’s authors to talk about subjects close to their hearts which connect in one way or another to their writing and the larger field of quality literature that desires to catalyse connection, to make a difference, in the challenging times in which we live. The blog is linked to a Facebook page. Please join in the conversation.

Awen Publications was founded in 2003 by Kevan Manwaring, who ran the press with dedication for more than a decade. The press is today run by Anthony Nanson, a co-author of An Ecobardic Manifesto.

You can find out more about Awen’s books here and our authors here.