Five Haiku

by Morgan Blanks

 Recently I have been thinking about poetry; in particular, haiku, because a whole story can be told in just three lines. What I love about writing is that you can experiment with whatever you set out to do. For example, when I write haiku I do not necessarily follow the five, seven, five rule. Here are some of my poems that I would like to share with you.

Motionless, her eyes fixated

A shadow in the distance

The breeze is her only comfort.



A fiery glow,

spreading across the endless blue

sinking with the passing time



Daisy chains dancing in the breeze,

sunlight filters through the leaves

Memories escape like a swarm of bees.



Wisps of smoke,

Slow motion like the movement

of spiders crawling.



Fire from the Earth’s belly

Gurgles in its gravelly throat

A fierce, bubbling spew.



Morgan Blanks is a student at Bath Spa University and also an intern at Awen Publications.



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